June 22, 2016

Scale model: PV36 Carioca Convertible

Today, this beautiful model arrived!!! It is a PV36 Carioca Convertible 1935 (RE 16) model by Rob Eddie. Only 200 pcs have been made and as usual, it came from Wilpac.

May 31, 2016

Scale model: 240 GL

This beauty was released a couple of weeks ago and just arrived today! It is a 240 GL model, in 1:18 scale, made by Minichamps and limited to 702 pieces.

Minichamps used to be one of my favourite scale model companies, but paint defects have made me being reluctant in buying more models. This model is indeed very nicely painted, although it seems as a couple of particles have been trapped under the paint on the trunk lid.

May 24, 2016

Scale models: 700 series

So, here is my 700 series collection! The collection consists of the 740 GL (RE 32), the 745 Estate (RE 34) and the 760 GL (RE 32X) models by Rob Eddie, as well as the 780 Bertone (87318) model by Neo. The model you can see on top is the PV4 (RE 31C), Volvo's first sedan model, yet again by Rob Eddie.

May 16, 2016

Scale model: PV4

Today I received a very special model, the PV4 by Rob Eddie in two-tone red colour (RE 31C)! The specific model is 1 out of 400 pcs made and bought from Wilpac.